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Questions to Ask During A Venue Tour

CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 You'r engaged! If you're reading this article before you've hired your vendor team then good news, you're on the right track. Finding your venue is often times the very first step to planning a wedding. Once you have that set date, everything else falls into place. 💗 Keep reading for a list of must ask questions during your venue tours!

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  1. What procedures are in place if bad weather were to happen on the wedding day? Where would guests go for safety in the case of dangerous weather? Will you work with my vendor team to reschedule our event if this happens? TIP Be sure all of this is in your contract before signing.

  2. What is your max guest capacity? Do you provide tables and chairs to accommodate this guest count?

  3. What's our available rental time period? What time must everyone be out of the building at the end of the night?

  4. Do you have a open catering policy? TIP Please keep in mind if the venue requires you to pick vendors from their lists this isn't always a bad thing, instead feel assured that the vendor will preform well for your event because they are working in a environment they are very familiar with and likely have a strong relationship with the venue staff.

  5. What are your bar policies and procedures?

  6. If its an outdoor/indoor venue, do they provide umbrellas for you and your guests?

  7. Do they allow dogs/animals?

  8. Open flame policy for candles and fireworks.

  9. Ask if they have any photographer/videographer restrictions. TIP Some venues don't allow drones.

  10. Will there be venue staff present during the event? What will the venue staff do the day of the event?

  11. Do they require you to have event security?

  12. Do they require you to have a wedding day of coordinator?

  13. Do they allow food trucks?

  14. Do they offer any rental decor?

  15. Do they offer set up services? Clean up services? Flip services?

  16. What additional fees could I encounter?

  17. What are my available add ons?

  18. What are their decor restrictions?

  19. Are there any on-site accommodations?

  20. What happens if we need to cancel our event?

  21. How much is the deposit? When will remaining payments be due? Is there a damage deposit?

  22. What dates do you have available?

  23. Do they offer a military discount or a law enforcement discount? TIP save anyway you can.

Be sure that when you attend your tours you have a pen and paper to jot down notes, especially if you have appointments with multiple venues. Trust me, after the second venue you've toured all this information will start to get mixed up! Taking notes will also ensure your contract is consistent with what was talked about doing your tour. Ensure before leaving your tour you have their contact information so if any last minute questions happen to pop up, you know how to get ahold of them! And as always read over your venue rental contract with a fine tooth comb. That contract will be referenced to multiple times throughout the wedding planning process.

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A-Vent Space

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