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Flower Colors and Their Meaning

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Choosing your wedding flower is a hopeful experience! Like everything in planning a wedding, the details can feel overwhelming. But having the right wedding bouquet is a must. suggested an article in late March to help simplify your choice in picking your dream wedding day flower bouquet by providing the symbolization of various rose colors. I’ve included a summary as well as the rose color’s meaning. Let’s choose flowers which combine the vibe of your wedding and color scheme into your bouquet! The most essential thing when it comes to the bride’s bouquet is for her to feel connected to her flowers as she is walking down the aisle.

White Roses symbolize eternal love and fresh beginnings. Should you choose these elegant flowers, you will walk with the knowledge that their meaning is that of innocence, loyalty, and purity.

  1. Symbolize – eternal love and fresh beginnings

  1. Word - elegance

  1. Meaning – innocence, loyalty, and purity


Red roses represent deep love as well as femininity. Blessing your marriage with romance, the meaning of holding red roses is adventure! passion! And they are classy.

  1. Symbolize – deep love and femininity

  1. Word – romance

  1. Meaning – adventure, passion, and class


Yellow roses are such a happy choice! Symbolizing warmth, these flowers bring fulfillment to your marriage and home. Their meaning is gratitude, contentment, and freedom, and really give life to your wedding venue. Should you choose them, yellow roses will spice up your wedding photos with color!

  1. Symbolize – happiness and warmth

  1. Word – fulfillment

  1. Meaning – gratitude, contentment, and freedom


Ivory roses represent a forever love. With its meaning of loyalty and exquisiteness, ivory roses balance luxury and grace. I always say you can never go wrong with ivory roses because they are so charming and will bless your wedding day with elegant confidence.

  1. Symbolize – forever love

  1. Word – luxury and grace

  1. Meaning – charming, loyalty, exquisiteness


An orange rose bouquet symbolizes joy. A bride with these flowers represents loyalty, devotion, and support. When orange is the color of lovers, it typically measures a mature friendship. Typically, orange roses look best for a fall wedding. It can be done in the spring, but they really bring everything together for a satisfying put together look in your wedding photos when in season.

  1. Symbolize – joy

  1. Word – mature friendship

  1. Meaning – loyalty, dedicated, and supportive


You cannot go wrong with pink. Pink flowers make your wedding girly and glamorous, but pink roses are more refined. Symbolizing acceptance and meaning sweet, gentle, and calm, pink roses raise curiosity. They are subtle/polite and appealing, which demands attention.

  1. Symbolize – acceptance

  1. Word – intriguing

  1. Meaning – sweet, gentle, and calm


A Peach rose bouquet symbolizes young love. The color’s meaning is strong emotion and youth. This bouquet represents everlasting sincerity. Peach roses radiate the joy in balancing optimism and clarity which will result in a very happy bride!

  1. Symbolize – young love

  1. Word - sincerity

  1. Meaning – emotion, optimism, clarity, and youth


Lavender roses allude to love at first sight. This shade of purple means adoration, mystery, and fascination. Having a lavender rose bouquet portrays enchantment in your marriage. Contrary to belief, lavender roses work best in a winter wedding. Although they really pop in May, holding lavender roses in say February already makes your wedding unique!

  1. Symbolize – love at first sight

  1. Word – enchantment

  1. Meaning – adoration, spirituality, mystery, fantasy, and fascination


Multi-colored roses symbolize life and creation. Their meaning is positive energy, laughter, and elatedness. A multi-colored bouquet exudes serotonin in marriage. They will also make your wedding photos look sick. And, you can’t go wrong with any arrangement for multi-clored rose bouquets!

  1. Symbolize - life

  1. Word - serotonin

  1. Meaning – positive energy, laughter, and elatedness


Now remember, you don’t have to pick roses! There are LOTS of beautiful, elegant, perfect flower arrangements for wedding bouquets. Aside from roses, some of my favorites are orchids, tulips, and chrysanthemums. Up next, which style of bouquet is best for you!

A Guide to Rose Color Meanings by Molly Allen, from

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